Open Source 6KW PFC Charger

Here is a 6KW Power Factor Corrected Charger I designed for charging electric vehicles. Charger is designed to be powered from 84 to 264VAC Single phase power. Charger then boosts and power factor corrects the incoming power to 400VDC and stores it in a 150uF film cap. Output of the charger is a High-Side buck converter based on a 400A 600V IGBT


  1. 1.Power Factor Corrected

  2. 2.Wide Range Input 84-264VAC

  3. 3.400V Boosted Bus Voltage

  4. 4.Full Digital

  5. 5.Over-Temp Limiting

  6. 6.RS-232 Interface and Ethernet Interface

  7. 7.Output Contactor Control

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Battery Charger

Plans are being made to modify output converter to a buck-boost converter for greater output range.

Front panel control is the chargers main controller. A 128 x 64 Pixel graphic LCD screen is used for visual information. User interface is a single 2” rotary encoder knob with push to select feature. Logic controller features a modular driver section for customization of output signal. Other features include Contactor Control, Interlock Relay, Ethernet for web reporting and backend programming, Real Time Clock, Hardware Over Current Protection, BMS input, Buzzer and rs232-USB adaptor interface.

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