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We are currently working on implementing a Plug-IN system to allow for easier future expansion.

First one we are working in is GPS integration for calculating such things as Watt Hours per mile, Pack Range, and Efficiency.

Second one we will be working on will be an interface for PakTrackr systems. This will show warnings on the screen and graph pack data along side of the controller data for very detailed information about what is going on with the vehicle.

PLEASE DONATE. We have been working very hard to bring you this program but we have hit a bit of a dead end. We would love to keep integrating and making this the best it can be, But we need your help.


Here is a real time data acquisition program for the open source cougar based EV motor controllers. With this program you will be able to view and modify parameters of the Cougar based controllers in real time. All available real time information can be graphed for quick visual checking. Data can also be exported for viewing in a program such as Excel.

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RDT Explorer

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